Dry Cleaning

Our Dry Cleaner is one of the best in Metro Chicago.

They utilize organic cleaning only, which preserve the fabrics, leave them feeling softer, and are environmentally friendly. (Only about 10% of the cleaners in the country use organic materials)

Shirt pressing is their specialty, and they are outstanding.

Pickups and deliveries are right to your leasing office and are done on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Deliveries are returned on the next visit after pick up. Be sure to drop off your bag before 10am on the day of the pickup to get the fastest return.

We give you a high quality valet bag, and you can drop and go. Pickup and go with your finished orders also.


Men's Laundered Shirts$2.00
Dry Clean Pants$5.25
Dry Clean Sweaters$5.50
Dry Clean Skirts$5.25
Dry Clean Suits$10.50
Dry Clean Dresses$12.00
Polo Shirts$5.50


Go to the Leasing Office and get a valet bag.

Fill out the name tag on the bag.

Put your clothes in the bag and take them to the Leasing Office, or put them in the dry cleaning closet.

When you pick up, go to the Leasing Office or the dry cleaning closet.

Your bag will be hanging over your order with a receipt.

The credit card information here needs to be completed.

See prices for popular items and the process to do.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance,
call us at 630-512-7705 or send us a message.