Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I use 1-Stop?

A: Everyone is very busy these days, and it takes time to find a service to do what you need. When you do, then how do you know that it’s reputable and will do a good job? 1-Stop takes all the effort and uncertainty out of it. Our service providers are all professionals who have proven themselves for their excellence in quality, reliability, value, and trust. Once you’ve had experience with us, you’ll know that you can call us about any service and be able to rely on us and get “convenience with confidence.”

Q: How do I save time using 1-Stop?

A: With 1-Stop, there is no need to spend time anymore searching for and assessing individual personal and in-home services. Certain services require that you go out and make stops at their location to do their service. One is the dry cleaners, and they have restrictive hours. At 1-Stop, you drop off and pickup right here in your apartment community and can even pickup/drop off on Sundays. For other services, the service providers come to your location, where applicable, at no extra charge. Examples include massages, computer service, fitness training, and car detailing. With maid service, you can set up an automatic schedule, and you don’t even have to be there. Arrangements can be made at the office for our maid service to get a key.

Q: How is 1-Stop different from other Personal Services companies?

A: Actually, there are no other personal services companies that have as broad array of services available as we do or have done it as long as we have (13 years). Some people have tried to do something similar on a smaller scale, but they tend to be more “seat of the pants”, rather than professional. Most have not been successful and gone out of business.

Q: How do I know the 1-Stop service work will be good at a reasonable price?

A: Our reputation is well established as a reliable and trustworthy company. Given the personal nature of what we do, we have to perform well, because “word of mouth” in an apartment community can make or break us. Also, the managements in the apartment communities in which we operate are so confident in us, we have been selected as the personal services company in your apartment community to represent them. We guarantee that you'll be satisfied.

Q: What is the best way to inquire about, or set up, a service with 1-Stop?

A: You can contact us 24/7 by phone, email, or text. Many people put our phone # in their cell phone and our email address in their computer, and then we are only a phone call or click away.

Our phone # is 630-512-7705 and our email address is

Q: How fast is 1-Stop?

A: There are two aspects to speed of service……one is how quickly can you reach somebody to inquire about or schedule a service, and the other is how fast can the service be performed. For the first, you can reach us by phone 80-90% of the time on your first call. If we are unavailable at that moment, you can leave a message, and we’ll be back to you right away, usually within minutes. If you email us, we’ll be back to you very soon, usually within two hours. For the service itself, you can usually get scheduled within 1-2 days.

Q: What do I have to pay for 1-Stop?

A: For almost all services, there is no charge for using 1-Stop. You just pay for the service work itself, and all prices for those are competitive. There are no special fees or up charges. The only exception is individual personal services and errands that our Associates do. These are things like pet care, pickups, shopping, etc. These are charged either by the type of service or on a quarterly hour basis.

Q: What do customers say about 1-Stop?

A: We regularly seek feedback from customers so we can continue to improve all the time. Check out the Customer Feedback pages, where you’ll find a recap of what customers like about 1-Stop, some actual market research with customers, and some personal testimonials. Our success is based on our reputation, and we strive to impress in all we do.

Q: Where can I find a 1-Stop?

A: 1-Stops are located in selective, upscale apartment communities throughout the western suburbs of Chicago. New locations are planned beginning in early 2014. If you are looking for an apartment, and would like to have a 1-Stop available, simply call the apartment community to find out if they have it now or are planning to have it soon.

​Q: Who owns 1-Stop?

A: 1-Stop is not owned by the apartment community in which you live. We are a separate entity and are contracted with your apartment community to provide our services to the residents. We take full responsibility for our service work and are accountable to the apartment community to perform with excellence. We have been in business for 13 years.