About Us

Who We Are

1-Stop is a private company that provides a broad array of personal and in-home services for residents of large, upscale apartment communities. We began business in May, 2001 and have built a reputation since then for quality, reliability, value and trust.

What We Do

Our mission is to save residents time, effort, hassle and money by enabling them to go to one source for almost all of their personal and in-home service needs. 1-Stop is the ultimate in convenience, as it is no longer necessary to run or call around to assess and set up service providers. Best of all, you can do it with confidence because all the 1-Stop service providers have proven their excellence by performance.

Where We Are

1-Stop is located in the Chicago Metro area inside selective apartment communities that are very service and customer oriented.

Information flyers are available on location, and service inquiries and scheduling are only a phone call, computer click, or text away.